GOKb News

There’s a lot of GOKb news to catch up on. Here are some of the areas of development the project team has been working on lately:

  • As GOKb editor, I’ve been reaching out to some of the large academic publishers to find out the best way to collect their data. I’m happy to report that many publishers, including Springer, Cambridge, and Sage, are publishing data using KBART, which makes our efforts at GOKb much easier. I hope to see this trend continue to take hold.
  • We’ve begun planning for a training session for the Kuali OLE partner libraries in August. This session should mark the start of official data publication efforts for GOKb.
  • The development team has been planning for a minor release scheduled for July 4. This release will contain a number of bug fixes and UI improvements that will help our partner users get started on data collection efforts.
  • We’re also planning for release 3.5, scheduled for September 2014. This release will contain new major functionality and will be the first public release for GOKb. I’ll highlight some of the new developments in the coming weeks.

Check back soon, as I plan to begin making more frequent updates in this space.

-Kristen Wilson, GOKb Editor