New Data Added to the Knowledgebase

The project team has been working hard to get new, useful data into the knowledgebase. This data is available to the public through the GOKb web application and the API.

  • We now have data for all of the Elsevier and Taylor & Francis packages thanks to efforts by partners at North Carolina State University and The University of Chicago.
  • Partners at Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek Bremen have been contributing packages from German publishers, including the Springer master list and title lists from many other small publishers.
  • GOKb has collaborated with the VIVA and TRLN consortiums to load custom title collections. Consortium members now have access to well-formed data about their unique title lists.
  • NCSU completed a pilot project to collect title history data. Experienced serials catalogers researched all of the Elsevier titles with known title changes and entered title history information and other bibliographic data into GOKb to create enhanced records.