New Features in GOKb

On November 3 we launched GOKb 5.0, which includes new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for both OpenRefine and the web application.


  • New ability to capture reusable code for cell-level edits
  • New warning messages for conflicts between coverage dates and publication dates
  • New ability to clear unwanted (yellow) warning messages
  • Enhanced controlled entry field for new package names
  • Enhanced UI improvements

Web Application:

  • New curator dashboard view
  • New KBART export includes phase 2 fields
  • Enhanced Title History tab can expand to show additional relationships

Charleston Conference Highlights

We were very busy during the Charleston Conference, from staffing the GOKb/Kuali OLE booth on Wednesday, to meeting with potential new partners from across the globe, and checking in with the GOKb steering committee members. We even found time on Friday to present at a shot-gun session on GOKb’s next steps: Ebooks, Community Management, and the Futures(s) of the Global Open Knowledgebase.

Development Updates

As we move into 2016, our development focus will shift to ebooks functionality. This is an exciting and necessary addition to the knowledge base, as it will not only enhance the quality of the data, ebooks will also make the knowledge base a more useful tool for all of our users and partners. The development team has already begun testing this workflow; please check out the screencast to learn more:

Loading and tracking
Decision support