What’s next for GOKb?

GOKb’s grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation officially ended on March 31, 2016. We’re pleased to announce that Kuali OLE will support the ongoing maintenance of GOKb through funding of the GOKb editor position and a support contract with our developers at Knowledge Integration (K-Int). We will continue to pursue opportunities for additional funding that will allow us to return to active development. In the meantime, we are working with K-Int to tie up loose ends and bring the project into a stable maintenance state that will allow our community data managers to continue their work.

ER&L Presentation

Many thanks to Kate Hill from UNC-Greensboro and Nat Gustafson-Sundell and Zorian Sasyk from Minnesota State University– Mankato for their excellent presentation about GOKb’s community management strategy at the Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference. The presentation was very well attended and generated a lot of interest, including five new volunteer data editors who will begin working on data review tasks and title histories later this spring.

Data Loading and Enhanced Title Records

NC State staff are busy updating packages and working on title histories. This summer we will continue working on data enhancement and expanding the number of packages in GOKb.

New Volunteer Training

Would you like to contribute your expertise to GOKb? If you are available 3-5 hours a month and would like to participate in the Title History data enhancement and Data Review Tasks, contact Jennifer Solomon, GOKb Editor, jhsolomo@ncsu.edu to learn more. The next training will be held at the end of May, date and time TBD.