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Create and edit provider

Search provider

Search for a provider using the "Provider" menu item on the left menu bar. You can search or filter provider by name, identifier or curator group.

GOKB search provider

Create and edit provider

You can create and edit provider data via web forms.

Create provider

Create a provider via the menu item "Create provider". Before creating a new provider, please check if it already exists, to avoid duplicate entries in the database.

GOKB create provider

Edit provider

You can edit providers by searching for a provider (see instructions), selecting the corresponding provider from the results list and clicking the menu item "Edit".

GOKB edit provider

Enter the following data here:

  • Name: Official name of the provider.
  • Homepage: The general URL to the provider's homepage.
  • Status: Select the status of the provider.

You can add further information about a provider below the main field. These data fields have a uniform usage:

  • If necessary, select the angle icon next to the area name to expand or collapse the area.
  • Select "Add" enter data via a pop-up dialog.
  • Delete several values by selecting the check boxes and then pressing the "Delete" button or selecting the trash icon for single values.

You can add:

  • Name variants: Abbreviations or alternative name forms. Add common and well-known name forms that are not included in the official name form. Name variants can be searched.
  • Identifiers: Identifiers that describe the provider. Select the "Namespace" of the identifier system and enter the identifier value.
  • Platforms: Here you can add the platform or platforms offered by a provider. The platform is defined by:
    • Name: The platform name. If the provider's platform does not have an official name, you can enter the provider's name or the URL itself here.
    • URL: The URL of the platform.
  • Curatory groups: Your selected curator group that will be responsible for maintaining the package will be added automatically
  • Contacts: E-Mail address of a provider contact such as technical support.

Once you have added all provider data, select the "Create" or "Update" button at the bottom right.

What is a platform?

A platform is a provider's software environment for accessing content, such as journals, e-books, or databases. A platform is characterized by:

  • A URL such as (There may be additional subdomains such as
  • An optional name (e.g. SpringerLink). For small providers, offering only one platform, use the provider name.
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