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Guidelines for package names

Package names in GOKb should be unique and distinguishable from other package names. For this purpose, the naming scheme is based on the KBART file naming scheme.

The package name should contain:

  • The provider name in a short and understandable form. If the official package name contains the provider name as a component, a separate provider name is not necessary (e.g. Emerald Management 120).
  • The package name assigned by the provider. If the package contains a complete list of titles from a provider, "All Titles" or "Journals: All Titles" should be added to the name.
  • Add information about regional restriction.
  • Add information for consortia specific packages.
  • Add reference year, if package is not continuously offered.

Name components are separated by a colon followed by a space.


  • Emerald: Engineering eJournal Collection
  • Emerald Management 120 (Emerald as provider name doesn't have to be specified as it is part of the package name)
  • Springer Behavioral Science eBooks 2005 English/International (year is part of the official package name of the provider)
  • American Chemical Society: hbz (consortia specific package)
  • Springer Medicine: Asia-Pacific (regional restriction)
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