What is GOKb?

GOKb is a freely available knowledgebase of data that describes electronic journals and books – titles, packages, platforms, and organizations – offered by publishers.

What does GOKb do?

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How can I participate in GOKb?

GOKb is a community-managed project currently in its pilot phase. We are looking for volunteer data managers to work on data loading and data enhancement projects. If you are a librarian, publisher, or vendor interested in contributing data to GOKb, please contact us via info@gokb.org for more information.

What’s in GOKb?

GOKb maintains approximately 600 packages, which include:
Title Instance Package Platform (TIPPs)
Journal Titles
Publisher Platforms
Journal Packages
Title Histories
Open Access status

Does GOKb include metadata and title lists for e-books?

GOKb does support E-Book metadata within the scope of the NISO KBART Phase II Recommended Practice.

How can I access GOKb?

  • Register for a free account at: gokb.org
    Following registration you can log in, search, view data, and download packages in either the GOKb or KBART file formats.
  • Through our APIs

How can I use GOKb data?

You can use the data in GOKb to enhance an existing dataset, power a local service, or simply for reference and research. You can browse the data using GOKb’s web interface or query it through the API.

Do I need permission to use GOKb?

No, never! The data is offered under a CC0 license, which means you can copy, modify, distribute and perform the work, even for commercial purposes, without asking permission.

Why is GOKb data available as CC0?

We chose to use CC0 because it makes the data available to anyone, for any purpose, without attribution. This means there are no barriers to use the data, which we hope will lead to wider adoption.

Who updates the data in GOKb?

GOKb volunteer data managers load, edit, and enhance all of the data. The Union Catalogue of Serials (ZDB) acts as a central data manager and is as such responsible for editorial coordination.

The project also accepts data feeds from providers and other national knowledge base projects. We are always interested in receiving contributions of data or effort from new partners.

How do I know that the data in GOKb is reliable?

All data loaded into GOKb undergo a quality review process by data managers, as well as data normalization to at least the KBART standard, prior to being loaded into the application. Since GOKb is not intended to be a centrally managed knowledge base, the ultimate data quality within GOKb will depend on the community and its role in sharing responsibility for its management.