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Get Involved

GOKb aims to create an open infrastructure and community surrounding critical metadata for the management of electronic resources. In order to continue to enhance GOKb’s services and data, the project needs to make strides toward sustainability so that it can continue this work into the future.

We invite organizations and individuals who believe in our mission to help support GOKb through contributions of effort or financial support.

Why become a partner?

  • Support shared open infrastructure
  • Improve data quality
  • Share and enhance data

GOKb aims to make electronic resources metadata openly available to the entire library community. Twice funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, GOKb is part of the transformation of scholarly communication to an open, collaborative model that has to potential to support a more efficient data flow across the supply chain. As an open data project, GOKb will always offer its basic data and services free to all users.

GOKb is community-managed, so we rely on our users to contribute data to the knowledge base and to help with data enhancement and quality control. Currently, GOKb maintenance is supported by Kuali OLE.

Library partners can directly influence the quality of GOKb by contributing effort toward data collection and maintenance. Partners can manage publisher packages or providers, add enhancements like title history events, and make corrections as needed. Partners can collaborate with GOKb on mutually beneficial data enhancement projects. Partners can also share select metadata, such as unique identifiers, to promote interoperability between services.

How do I get involved?

  • Become a Volunteer Data Manager. Volunteer your time and expertise by participating in data loading and data enhancement projects.
  • Free Partnership is available to any organization willing to contribute effort toward creating and maintaining data in GOKb.
  • For more information about volunteer and partnership opportunities, contact GOKb project group at