NCSU Test Group, New Packages

This week marked the start of an NCSU-based test group for GOKb data loading. In my role as editor, I’ve been collecting and loading data from GOKb’s top 7 priority providers over the past couple of months. Now the time has come to begin expanding GOKb’s user base. The goal of the NCSU test group is to try out the GOKb software, as well as the workflows and documentation I’ve been creating, in anticipation of opening up the system to the Kuali OLE partners at our workshop scheduled for August 26.

The NCSU test group is using Sage as a trial provider, and we’re hoping to load a number of Sage journal title lists into GOKb over the next month. This process will provide seed data for the knowledgebase and give us something concrete to show as we begin to share GOKb with a larger audience.

In addition to the work done by the test group, I also plan to load at least one package from each of our top 7 providers, which include Cambridge, Elsevier, Oxford, Sage, Springer, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley-Blackwell.

Once this data is up on our production version of GOKb, I’ll be sure to share a link with you here.

-Kristen Wilson, GOKb Editor